The Turning Of The Tide (2006)

"Memories are sparked by a voice heard on a late-night radio show as Tom Chapin steps from the "children and family" genre with The Turning of The Tide, an album-length reflection of his life. With songs mostly co-written with his usual cohorts (John Forster, Jon Cobert, and Si Kahn), Chapin recalls the innocence of young love and romantic breakups. He remembers getting lost in the woods with his sister as a youngster and the shelter he found in his mother's eyes. He tells of his father, Jim Chapinís, involvement with jazz drummer Gene Krupa and touches on the grief of losing two brothers. While his late brother Harry was known for creating characters and developing stories, Chapin is much more direct, delivering a deeply personal, straight-from-the-heart memoir in this release." Dirty Linen

"Tom Chapin is probably now best known for his children's music, but The Turning of The Tide is one of his thoughtful and occasionally rousing albums for adult listeners. With the exception of a very pretty version of "And Loving You, written by Tom Paxton and Bob Gibson, the songs were all co-written by Chapin and various collaborators covering such ground as love, life cycles and peace. Two of Ihe most poignant songs on the album were co-written with Si Kahn. In the first, "Distant Drummer," he sings about his father who taught drums and passed on his love for music to Chapin and his brothers. The song begins with a verse about a 10-year-old drummer boy in the Civil War who, as an old man in the following century, taught Chapin's father his first drum lessons. The other is "Lamentation," which movingly memorializes Chapin's late brothers, Harry and James. Songs that celebrate other members of his family include "My Mother's Quiet Eyes," obviously for his mother, and Miles and Miles, for his baby grandson. Both songs were co-written with Jon Cobert. As the album ends, Chapin sings for a better, peaceful world. The penultimate song is "Follow the Light," in which co- writers John McCutcheon and Michael Mark join him on the lead vocals, is an inspirational, post-9/11 song that points to following the lights of love and understanding as the way to achieve a healed world that lives without fear of such attacks as occurred that day. Then the album ends with the declaratory and prescriptive "'Sing for Peace," co-written with Cobert, in which Chapin tells us why he does and why we should." Sing Out!
Tom Chapin: The Turning Of The Tide

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Hearts On The Road
Big Love
The Turning Of The Tide
Miles & Miles
My Mother's Quiet Eyes
And Loving You
I've Forgotten
Distant Drummer
At The End Of The Day
Follow The Light
Sing For Peace


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