So Nice To Come Home (1994)

"So Nice To Come Home, the long-awaited, much anticipated new album by Tom Chapin, is filled with music that touches and connects. Tom Chapin has long been one of our finest singer-songwriters. So Nice To Come Home showcases his strengths: great songs, easy powerful singing, strong arrangements and a blending of styles that Tom makes uniquely his own. A beautifully produced recording that represents the finest of modern folk music." WVA Occasional

"In addition to thoughtful lyrics, intricate guitar lines, poignant melodies, and Chapinís warm delivery, there is a special type of humor, subtle in the instrumental interplay or obvious in a well-turned phrase. The entire album belongs in a class apart. sit back and give it the attention it deserves."
The Blade

"So Nice To Come Home is very much a family affair, and not just because [some songs] concern the bonds that tie families together and the commitments that sometimes keep them apart. Nor is it because other songs seem designed to produce chuckles and harmonies on long summer vacation drives. While homespun and humorous, those songs are overshadowed by more substantial lyrics that deal with familial themes in both personal and universal terms. The result is a lot more than just music for the entire family, itís music about the entire family."
The Washington Post

Tom Chapin: So Nice To Come Home

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Pass The Music On
Always Gone
Lucky & Lucinda
When You Let Your Baby Down
One & One Makes One
The Battle Beast & Barbie
Coming & Going
Ellis Island
So Nice To Come Home
Hunger & Thirst
Memories Of Christmas
The Singing Man


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