Some Assembly Required (2005)

2005 Grammy Nominee - Best Musical Album For Children

2005 Publisher's Weekly Listen Up Award

2006 Notable Children's Recording by the American Library Association

"Imaginative lyrics, fun scenarios, honest values, and all the comforts of home and family -- this delightful collection represents the best in family music." -- Dirty Linen

"Some Assembly Required features 15 charming creations that offer irony, humor, and stories in a way that kids past the toddler stage will understand and appreciate. The music is light and breezy, while the lyrics of everyday life are straightforward, yet not at all condescending to the target age group. Parents and kids alike will enjoy the melodies and clever wordplay." -- The Toledo Blade

"Chapin continues to make his mark in this genre by releasing one delightful recording after another. Each time he strives to create another recording of original, exciting and family-friendly songs. He certainly accomplishes his goal with this new release. A clever and masterful songsmith, Tom Chapin is my favorite songwriter for kids in the 8- to 10- year old age group. There are many outstanding songs on this recording which spotlight Chapin's magical ability to make the everyday ups and downs of life a delightful adventure." -- Chicago Parent
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Puppy At The Pound
Only One Shoe
Don't Make Me Dance
How I Became A Clown
The Happiest Song I Know
Brown Gold
I'm The Only Me
Walk The World Now, Children
My Face
Bill Bailey
Some Assembly Required
Planet Bruno
Quiet Time
Home Is The Welcoming Sound


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