Making Good Noise (2003)

Grammy Nomination - Best Musical Album for Children 2003

"There's good noise and bad noise, and Tom Chapin's new album comes out firmly on the side of the angels. Appealing children's voices, bouncy instrumentation, and Chapin's sense of humor all make Making Good Noise a lighthearted family romp." Dirty Linen

"As always, themes of tolerance, respect and independence weave within the lyrics, but the spotlight stays focused on having a toe-tapping good time... Another multifaceted collection from a unique performer." Publishers Weekly

"Plenty of clever rhymes, fun situations, and energetic music punctuate nearly every song in this compilation that celebrates the sheer fun of making music. There are many different styles of music on this CD, with separate songs featuring steel drums, string quartets, bugles, and an almost classical-sounding orchestral arrangement, to name only a few. Great variety, great fun, great music. An excellent addition to any family's quality music collection." Amazon Review
Tom Chapin: Making Good Noise

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Making Good Noise
Bang On The Pan
Putting On A Show
I Love To Play The Kazoo
You're Not The Boss Of My Brain
Cookin' In The Kitchen
The All-Purpose Carol
Singalong, Longasing
The Hampton String Quartet
Yo-Yo's Ma
My B-A-N-J-O
A Day At Camp Decibel
Sing Me The Story Of Your Day
I Need A Lullaby
This Song Is My Homework


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