Join The Jubilee (1996)

"If you're looking for a good time, spin this live recording by Tom Chapin and friends. Most of the 16 songs are upbeat foot-tappers guaranteed to entertain. The particularly musical production never overpowers the vocals or the spirit. Spirit - that's what this recording is all about, in both songs and performance. Chapin sounds truly interested in what he's singing, and that spirit is infectious. In some ways it reminds me of the young Pete Seeger, withouth the political context. Recorded live, you can hear the audience being swept up in Chapin's performing skills. We need more CD's like Join The Jubilee, with ample content, a varying, but overall joyous mood and performers obviously having good, clean fun." Sing Out

"Of course, this thoroughly entertaing, energy-packed album is superb. What else would you get from Tom Chapin? Performed live in concert, Tom Chapin and his friends make musical sparks fly as the energy between them and the audience charges the concert. And so here it is, the master of fun having fun and causing fun to happen. What an entertaining bonanza." WVA

"Chapin rounded up friends and family to join him on stage for a musical celebration. Funny, topical and touching, his lyrics reach out and invite you to sing along. Running the gamut from folk to blues with a touch of bluegrass, the CD is an affirmation that Tom Chapin loves what he does for a living." Hudson Valley
Tom Chapin: Join the Jubilee

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Lost Boy In The Wilderness
A Study's About To Begin
Chesapeake Bay
Seven Daffodils
Music Made By Hand
Dueling Banjos
Cat's In The Cradle
Join The Jubilee
Let Us Get Together
I'll Fly Away
Flowers Are Red
Wandering Boy
Happy Ending


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