Tom Chapin & John McCutcheon
Doing Our Job (2001)

"McCutcheon and Chapin are two of the more affable and professional performers on the folk circuit, qualities this live album joyfully displays. Doing Our Job grew out of a chance double bill, and the two artists make a formidable pairing, with Chapin on six- and 12-string guitars, banjo, and electric guitar, and McCutcheon on hammer dulcimer, guitar, banjo, keyboards, clarinet, and saxophone. Michael Mark sits in on bass and concertina, and everyone contributes vocally. The result is an acoustically supercharged group effort, with good harmony and an optimism vaguely reminiscent of the '60s." Acoustic Guitar

"Anyone who has seen either John McCutcheon or Tom Chapin, (or both) knows the good humor, energy and musical insight consistently delivered in each of their live performances. Both McCutcheon and Chapin are cut, as John explains, "not only from the same cloth, but also woven into the same fabric." For such two respected and Grammy nominated artists, this recording captures the magic of two powerful solo performers combining talents. Adding two versatile side-men, Doing Our Job does marvelous justice to their considerable talents. This recording showcases the respect John McCutcheon and Tom Chapin have for each other. Fortunately, we all get to hear it captured on this must-have CD." WVA Occasional

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Well May The World Go
Pass The Music On
Pastures Of Plenty
Our Mothers Built This City
Doing My Job
Every Night
I Don't Care
Hard Cider
Dead Man Walking
Make It Right
River Gonna Carry Me
Heaven Help
The Older I Get
Welcome The Traveler Home


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