Let The Bad Times Roll (2009)

"Nothing but good times... Upbeat and life-affirming... Although Tom has become well known for his children's music, Let The Bad Times Roll is a fine reminder of the strength of his for-adults songwriting."
Sing Out! Magazine

"A breath of fresh air just blew through my house today in the guise of a new Tom Chapin CD: Let The Bad Times Roll. Talk about your misnomers! Tom Chapin can no more provide a bad time than Sarah Palin can pass up a quick buck. This is one fine piece of work, with many moods, all perfectly realized. His song written with Si Kahn -- Hunter -- is a chiller. When are we finally going to recognize that this genial great-big man has been giving us peace and friendship for decades now and deserves a dinner or something? Hey, I'm buyin'." Tom Paxton
Tom Chapin: Let The Bad Times Roll

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We Will Adjust
Love Lasts Long
A Bridge To Somewhere
Once When I Was Young
Father, Daughter, Mother, Son
This Too Shall Pass
Boys In The Choir
The Day That Max Was Born
The Sheaves
Down To Winfield Town
Upstate New York Waltz
Christmas In New England
The Water Is Wide


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