Around The World And Back Again (1996)

Grammy Nomination - Best Musical Album for Children 1997

National Parenting Publications Gold Medal Award

Parents' Choice Award

Parents Magazine - Best of '96

"A spicy, exuberant new album whose theme of global goodwill is especially welcome in these increasingly xenophobic times. As do Chapin's previous family releases, Around The World And Back Again brims with memorable melodies, zestful arrangements, and diamond-bright wordplay. A joyous profusion of exotic musical styles, with smart, witty, and highly humorous lyrics." ... Billboard

"Award-winning singer/songwriter Tom Chapin reaffirms his place as a leading family artist with this album. Sixteen original songs represent a range of musical styles and sentiments broad enough to speak to children and their parents. Using music to explore different cultures, Chapin highlights the multi-cultural aspects of American life that bind us to the world around us." ... USA Today

"Tom Chapin's new album Around The World And Back Again is an exhilarating musical ride on the multi-cultural carousel of life. Chapin's love of life permeates the words and music of sixteen original fun-filled songs that celebrate the languages and cultures of the world. They will make you glad to be a part of the diverse human race." ... Chicago Tribune
Tom Chapin: Around The World And Back Again

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Around The World And Back Again (ATWABA)
What Is A Didjeridoo?
The Wonderful World Of Yes
In An Elephant World
I Papaveri (The Poppy Song)
Dance, Dance, Dance
The Troubadour
It's Gonna Be Dinner Soon
A Forest In The Rain
How'd You Like To Do That?
Gonna Go To Borneo
Heartache To Happy
Another Busy Day
By-ush Ki By-u
Song Of The Earth


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