Tom Chapin's

  1. Take a 3 to 4 foot piece of pipe:
    Tom uses plastic PVC plumbing pipe,
    approximately 1-1/2inch internal diameter,
    available from any hardware/plumbing supply store.

  2. Carefully buff the ends so no sharp edges remain.

  3. Select one end as the mouthpiece and,
    using duct tape or gaffers tape
    (the Australian Aborigines used beeswax),
    build up a rounded ridge so as to protect
    your lips when you blow into it.

    Presto - a homemade Didjeridoo!

  4. Then, have a lot of fun decorating it
    with stickers or permanent magic markers
    or auto paint that might adhere to plastic.

    Good luck, and have a happy time making
    rude noises.

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